Sweetheart Gifts at 6th Street Market, TEMPE

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There may be no secular holiday more polarizing than Valentine’s Day. Personally, I have a tradition of frequenting my favorite local Chinese restaurant, 22-years consecutive. If you’re one to celebrate the date, then now is the time to plan. Otherwise you’ll be the sad-sack standing in line with the last dry box of chocolates – that are gross anyway. Give your sweetheart something sentimental and take a stroll around 6th Street Market on Sunday, February 11th for a little D-I-Y for your G-U-Y or girl.

The two special edition Valentine’s Day activities below are sure to make your S.O. smile.

A succulents gift from  Raiceroots will definitely scores some points. Visit their booth for plants  and flowers you can personally arrange (with some help, of course) for just $20-25. Put the old and tired “red roses” routine to shame!

Genia’s ArT is offering personalized blocks with a statement of your love. Choose from three different options and personalize them with different looks and colors. Each block measures 2.5” x 7” and are $12 each; all supplies are included. Hearts and craft, ya’ll.

Make a day of it, get some food,  perhaps try Dough Mama Pizza food truck. Shop a solid selection of local vendors with gifts for the ladies and lads in your life. Maybe a ‘lil somethin’-somethin’ for you too. Self love, amirite?

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Photo by Alicia Steels
Local Lily is proud to have this post sponsored by Downtown Tempe Authority.