Happy Hanukkah Eve, Make a Matzoh Gingerbread House

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Happy Hanukkah Eve!

Tomorrow evening begins 8 nights of lights and it is less than week before Christmas morning. Oh and yes, that is a gingerbread house made of matzoh. My favorite celebration of holiday kitsch comes together in this house made of Christmas cheer and Hanukkah gelt. Want to make your own?


Want to make your own?


Materials You Will Need:
wooden birdhouse
hot glue gun and glue sticks
1 box matzoh,  1 box TamTam or matzoh crackers, 3-4 bags of chocolate coins in foil (in kosher food isle of grocery store)
assorted candies for decorations
powdered sugar
tubes of store bought colored icing w/ plastic decorator tips



• Begin with a preassembled wooded birdhouse.

• Soften matzoh sheets under warm water until they become pliable.

• With scissors, gently cut damp sheets into sizes large enough to cover the walls of the birdhouse.

• Hot glue the sheets to the house.

• Use matzoh Tam-Tam crackers and gold coins as roof shingles and windows.

• Cover bare wood with royal icing made from 2 cups powdered sugar 1 – 2 Tbsp of water.

• Use hot glue to stick gelt (gold coins), and candies to decorate the house.

• Decorate with store bought colored icing tubes