Burgers Beer and Welding, Chandler

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Okay, maybe not the typical headline for a Local Lily post.

However you know it’s local and  if burgers and beer are involved…
It’s going to be awesome.

The second Tuesday of every month Local Motors in Chandler
invite Arizona at large down to their micro-factory to see a demonstration
of the Rally Fighter.

A cop-op built concept car, tailored made for Arizona terrain.

A family friendly event,  I brought the boys and invited some friends along.

Kids were invited to make their own car themed pin-back buttons for their backpacks.
Everyone was invited into the shop to watch r&d press a skid plate and attach it to the car.

To learn more about how you can be apart of building your own Rally Fighter or
if you are just looking for something different and interesting to explore,
visit Local Motors and tell them Local Lily sent you.