Farmers Market Review

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The first farmers market I’d ever been to was in Paris…tough to beat.
It might not be Paris, but there are a few local markets I’ve sought out lately and am really excited about.



… the Old Town Scottsdale Farmers Market is the place to do your weekly produce shopping. Practically a third of the good-sized market is the McClelan local organic produce; its hustle and bustle and well priced. We had MUCH more fun doing our shopping here Saturday morning.



The downtown market is a fantastic way to start your weekend!
We bought some of the most amazing cinnamon bread (which didn’t make it to Sunday), and the large selection of vendors makes for great strolling around.



There’s also the Phoenix public market which anchors the event, well equipped with a counter where you can add to your experience with a mimosa or bloody mary….


I love the idea of a twilight market, especially with the beautiful nights we have here and the Glendale location is adorable!
Its settled into the outdoor promenade of the Citadelle in Glendale.

If you are on the 101 on the west side heading home, just hop off for a quick 10 min. drive and meet friends for a drink at an outdoor patio. We were thrilled with our Babaganoush! A nice way to end a rather hectic day…



If you have the time to shop during the week,

Town and Country is another one that offers a fantastic variety of fresh produce at great prices.

I’d never seen baby purple artichokes before, and I love artichokes.

How did they slip by me?

I became a fan of the Italian food vendor who offers gluten free dishes that taste like true Italian.


The best part of my farmers market education are the little things found at each site.

Fresh bread, organic eggs, big bunches of flowers,  4 honey sticks for $1 (my new addiction, who knew?) and learning of all the great shops that surround each neighborhood…Every market brings something new and local.

(Many of these markets are seasonal, check here before you head out)